Put an End to Fighting, Yelling, and Frustration 
Introducing the Mad2Glad Blueprint™
The Most In-Depth Parent Training Program That Is Proven to Bring More Peace and Joy to Families with Intense Children
The Mad2Glad Blueprint™ is a step-by-step online parent training program that provides proven, practical strategies to positively connect with your intense children so they are calmer and have self-control and you like them again! 
This powerful program is not about traditional parenting tactics because that doesn’t work with children who try to rule the roost. Instead, these methods are for conscious parents who know they need to change their approach to restore peace and harmony. 

With this program, you receive step-by-step guidance, with strategies that are rooted in neuroscience, through the 8 Pillars of Parenting. You will learn specific tools that are necessary to calm the “fight or flight” stress response and peacefully navigate everyday situations with intense children.
What Parents Have to Say About
the Mad2Glad Blueprint™
“The Mad2Glad Blueprint helped my husband and I get on the same page with how to handle the kids in many situations. He does a better job controlling his temper and I don’t have to spend evenings feeling angry about that anymore.” ~ Nancy P
Ready to STOP the Fighting, Yelling, and Frustration?
Access the Mad2Glad Blueprint ™ and finally begin using simple, proven, step-by-step parenting strategies that really work.
A Worthwhile Investment for Your Family’s Future
Months to years of working with counselors, therapists, and other child services professionals can end up costing you thousands of dollars. And sadly, many parents feel as though they have no choice and continue to shell out money for solutions that don’t work.

That’s a big part of why I created the Mad2Glad Blueprint ™--to provide parents like you with an affordable way to regain control and bring joy back into your home.

For only one payment of $297, the Mad2Glad Blueprint ™ will provide you with effective new tools to bring calm and positive connection into your family life.
It’s an investment that won’t break your bank, but will forever positively transform your relationship with your children and change their lives.

You Don’t Have to Go at It Alone

The Mad2Glad Blueprint™ is designed to clearly walk parents through simple and effective parenting strategies on an individual basis.

In fact, the step-by-step program is so straightforward that I know you’ll be able to make it successfully though all 8 Pillars at the speed of 1 Pillar per week and end the program with a sense of having restored the missing pieces. 

That being said, I want you to know that you don’t have to go it alone.  

Upon purchasing the Mad2Glad Blueprint™, you’ll be given access to a private Mad2Glad Blueprint™ Facebook community where you can interact with parents who are facing the same challenges you are.

This group is a wonderful place to ask questions, make valuable parent connections, and get the support you need to feel encouraged and on track.  
If you’re still finding yourself needing additional assistance, you can easily transition into a Private

Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coaching program with me or another trained Mad2Glad Coach. Coaching can be done over the phone or in-person. 

Even better…you can save the amount you already invested in your family with the Mad2Glad Blueprint as long as you let us know within 60 days of initial registration.
  • Purchase the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ and get immediate, and “forever,” access to all 8 training videos to learn the 8 Pillars of Parenting, along with specific scripts and action steps to implement the process at home.
  • ​Follow the step-by-step instructions for your assignments, referring to your 119-page workbook with “At a Glance” documents to post on your fridge so you rapidly gain control, clarity, and confidence. 
  • ​Get extra support from the private Mad2Glad Parents Facebook community where parents are having conversations to resolve the exact same challenges you have, including seasoned Mad2Glad parents and Mad2Glad Certified Parent Coaches who love to offer encouragement and new ideas. 
What’s Included in the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ Program
Each 1-hour training is broken down into 3 sections in case you want to space them out or repeat a specific section later: the Education portion, the Action Steps portion, and the Troubleshooting portion.
  • Pillar 1: Calm the Fire
  • Pillar 2: Avoid Hidden Landmines
  • Pillar 3: Happy Chemicals
  • Pillar 4: Red Light Parenting
  • Pillar 5: Mad2Glad Discipline Protocol
  • Pillar 6: Emotional Communication
  • Pillar 7: Optimize Daily Routines
  • Pillar 8: Siblings and Skills
  • Detailed notes on every concept
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Specific action steps to transform your family dynamics
  • The Intense Brain Child (free report)
  • "At a Glance” documents to post on your refrigerator as reminders
  • Yoga Calm poses to calm intensity
  • Self-care ideas
  • And MORE!
Bring Peace, Joy, and Positive Connection into the Relationship with Your Children Starting TODAY!  
Access the Mad2Glad Blueprint ™ and finally begin using simple, proven, step-by-step parenting strategies that really work.
Listen to Mom, Laura, share how she raised her family out of a dark place where there was bitterness, despair and no peace.
You, too, can Re-Engage, Re-Connect, and Make Up For Lost Time.
Stop Beating Yourself Up about Things That Aren’t Working with Your Current Parenting Strategies.
Instead, join me to discover simple, practical strategies that will help your entire family feel calmer and more connected so you enjoy spending time together.  

With roots in neuroscience, mindfulness, and child development, the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ is effective for parents of all intense kids, including those with Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD, Autism, RAD, ODD and more. It will work for you. Access the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ today to positively transform the relationship with your children for a lifetime!

Access the Mad2Glad Blueprint™ and finally begin using simple, proven, step-by-step parenting strategies that really work.

About Samantha Moe

Samantha Moe, M.A., started her career as a Speech Language Pathologist with a passion to unlock the gifts of children with Autism. Since then, she has used her strong background in direct services to families to create a step-by-step parenting approach called the Mad2Glad Blueprint. Samantha coaches parents of all types of children to dramatically reduce defiance and disrespect and re-establish confidence and authority. She also offers a Parent Coaching Certification program that equips industry professionals with the tools and resources they need to transform their clients’ lives and find joy in their work. Samantha's vision is to bring peace and enjoyment to families around the world and for kids to experience the childhood they deserve.
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